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In a booming market where residential and commercial property prices are still rising and many people just as keen to get on the ladder of bricks and mortar, employing good tradespeople and builders is something we must all consider with care.

It is fair to say that the building industry has its fair share of Cowboys and Cowgirls, people who are unreliable, fail to complete the job on time, or at all and simply walk away with your money.

It has always been our stance, and that of all of our employees, and associates to root out those people that bring the building industry to ill repute. We have worked hard and will continue to do so, to ensure that only those that have been tried and tested are used on any of your projects.

Using our knowledge and awareness procedures developed over the years, we are confident that we will improve and maintain an excellent reputation for outstanding service for years to come.

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AEM Building and Construction has been in the building industry for over ten years and deliver our services throughout the UK from our regional office, in London.

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AEM Building & Construction are committed to, and where ever possible, promotes training, work experience and short to long term employment for local people on every project and we are proud to have supported many people, both young and old, through their chosen field within the industry.

AEM Building & Construction recognises the significance of staff, site employees and contractors and we are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the most talented within the industry. We believe that investing in this way through; training, employment, and related construction skills that we are investing in the future and the communities in which we operate. In addition to these benefits, we are convinced that adopting a responsible approach and attitude to future talent we will:

  • Improve in operational performance
  • Long-term growth
To ensure our commitment, we continuously review our policies and procedures annually to ensure that we remain the employer of your choice. Register your interests with us now.
Through our key focus on training, AEM Building & Construction thrives on the principle that striving for excellence, knowledge and learning provides the opportunity to overcome any barrier, and we remain committed to developing all trainees/apprentices to the best of their abilities.

In the summer of 2014, we set up the Young People in Construction programme (YPiC) where we aim to offer a wide range of work related opportunities and on the job training for those between the ages of sixteen to twenty-five (16 – 25) within the building and construction industry.

If you are interested or looking to maximise individual and collective building and construction skills through our YPiC training please contact us via all social media platforms.

For all other questions and assistance please get in touch.
‎Neville Thomas
Private Home Owner

Great work as ever on our home!

Von Mozar

AEM Building & Construction are efficient as they are creative. They consistently apply 100% effort and due care in every job I have hired them to undertake.

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